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KDL Midget 2012-2013


Date Away Team vs Home Team Time Result
11/10/2012 KDL MIDGETS @ KINDERSLEY 4:15 0 - 2
11/12/2012 KDL MIDGETS @ WILKIE 8:30 1 - 3
11/23/2012 KDL MIDGETS @ UNITY 8:00 2 - 8
11/25/2012 KDL MIDGETS @ ELROSE 2:00 5 - 4
12/02/2012 KDL MIDGETS @ E E L IN ESTON 6:00 10 - 1
12/09/2012 KINDERSLEY @ KDL MIDGETS 5:00  
12/15/2012 KDL MIDGETS @ NB (CIVIC CENTER) 4:00  
12/16/2012 ROSETOWN H @ KDL MIDGETS 4:00  
01/04/2013 EEL @ KDL MIDGETS 6:00  
01/06/2013 KYLE/BEACHY @ KDL MIDGETS 5:00  
01/08/2013 ELROSE @ KDL MIDGETS 7:00  
01/13/2013 ROSETOWN P @ KDL MIDGETS in Dodsland 6:00 2 - 4
01/17/2013 UNITY @ KDL MIDGETS 7:00  
01/19/2013 BATTLEFORD @ KDL MIDGETS 3:00  
01/20/2013 KDL MIDGETS @ BEECHY 4:00  
01/31/2013 Wilkie Outlaws @ KDL Midgets in Luseland 7:30 pm  
02/02/2013 KDL Midgets @ Rosetown 2 5:00 pm  
02/04/2013 KDL MIDGETS @ ROSETOWN P (IN BIGGAR) 8:00  


# Last Name First Name
2 Birn Tyler
3 Morrell Dawson
4 Rousseaux Morgan
5 Mitchell Jacob
7 Schreiber Levi
9 Reilkoff-Schraefel Dylan
10 Moser Tyler
11 Sperling Darin
12 Thomson Hunter
14 Simpson Tyler
15 Kloster Lyndon
17 Ross Nick
18 Haas-Ostrowski Laine
19 Semilet Jake
21 Semilet James
22 Anderson Mason
33 Flahr Quinton
Latest News

KDL Midget News

KDL Midgets part with 3rd years:
Laine Ostrowski, Darin Sperling, Dylan Reilkoff-Schraefel, Levi Schreiber, Mason Anderson, Jake Semilet, Nick Ross, Tyler Moser and Tyler Simpson have completed their Minor Hockey experience. Thanks boys we have loved watching you play and it will never be the same without you.

League Semi-finals KDL Midgets vs Unity
The Midgets had to face the yet undefeated Unity midgets in a two game birth to the league finals. March 7th, Unity came in and held the Tigers down to only two goals, winning with a score of 5 to 2.

Returning to Unity on Saturday night March 9th, the Unity midgets were taking alot of penalties, many times with three players in the box. This presented alot of opportunity for KDL to score but the puck must have been warm and wouldn't bounce the way we wanted. Although the team kept fore-checking and parents kept the cheering up, the Tigers fell defeated by Unity 7 to 3.

The midgets ended their regular season in 5th place, although all the teams were extremely close in 2nd through 6th place. The top three teams got to choose their opponents for playoffs but 4th place had to play whatever team was left. Wilkie placed 4th and being the wildcard team, no one chose to play the KDL Midgets. They held the first playoff game in Kerrobert Feb 26th with Wilkie edging out the Midgets by a score of 5 to 4.
The return game in Wilkie on March 1st was one of the best games of our year. KDL Midgets won that contest by a score of 7 to 4 knocking Wilkie out of playoffs !!

Where are those Midgets these days you might wonder..….well they are wrapping up their last three league games but none of them were in the Kerrobert arena. Due to conflict with exams, the last couple of games were re-scheduled and the Tigers were caught in a crunch to finish by the league deadline. Playing three days in a row wasn’t any one’s first choice but the Midgets were hungry to get playing after a two week break.
Saturday Feb 2nd they went to Rosetown to play the Hannay team. As with teams so close in the standings, this game could have gone either way. The midgets brought it on strong with 2 goals in the same 21 seconds by Laine Ostrowski and then Nick Ross. They did the same in the 2nd period with two goals in the same 24 seconds by Lyndon Kloster and Tyler Birn. Rosetown wasn’t letting Quinton rack up a shut out and they kept pressing him until the score was 4-2 at the end of the 2nd. Mason Anderson tried to get another scoring drive going but his goal was the only one for Kerrobert in the third. It was just enough though as the boys edged out Rosetown 5 to 4.

Sunday Feb 3rd – Luseland Home Game vs Wilkie.
The boys from Luseland wanted to bring it on big scoring in their home rink. They put on the white mallards jerseys once more this year. Lyndon Kloster lined up Tyler Birn twice in the first period to take an early lead. While Morgan Rousseaux found the sweet spot for our 3rd goal, Wilkie got the better of us in the second period by answering back with three goals of their own. The KDL ran a little short of gas and were unable to get back ahead on the board. Wilkie won this one 4 to 3.

Monday Feb 4th – KDL Midgets to Biggar (Rosetown Paproski)
So we drove to Biggar Monday night on the worst winter roads I may have ever driven in my life only to watch our KDL Midgets play their best game of hockey all year. It wasn’t as lopsided as the score may suggest. The Rosetown Paproski team kept the play at both ends and the team worked hard for each point. You just can’t keep Tyler Birn out of the goalie’s corners and he slipped that first goal in all by himself. Dawson and Tyler Simpson set up Mason Anderson early in the 2nd period. On the power play, Nick Ross went back to his ‘D’ - James Semilet gunning in a shot from the point.
Tyler Simpson rechanneled some energy in the third period and with the help of Lyndon Kloster, the KDL boys were up 5 to 0. Out of the corner of the Rosetown goalie’s eye was Tyler Birn circling again. He scored with Lyndon’s help and then the two of them set up Laine Ostrowski to put up our 6th goal of the game. KDL won this match up 6 to 1.

Midgets vs Unity. Thursday

KDL opened up the scoring with Tyler Birn half way through the first period

Unity came back to tie up in the second.

Going into the third period it was 1-1. The undefeated Unity team kept a quick paced game going. They scored with seven min left in the game. They capitalized on one of our only penalties though and scored again bringing the score to 3-1 for unity

A controversial empty net goal at the end, ended the game before the clock actually expired due to some argument, although no penalties were actually assessed to the coaching staff.

KDL vs Battleford sat Jan 19

Even though the game was scheduled for 3:00, we had a very late start. Luckily there wasn't another game later so we could play.

Darin Sperling, injured but enthusiastic, kept firing at the Battleford Goalie and scored our first two goals. Maybe they were tired off the start from playing the night before, but Battleford answered back with four consecutive goals. Kerrobert wasn't goin down easy and Battleford kept going in the penalty box giving us a lot of chances to capitalize on. When one of their penalties gave us a four minute advantage, Jake Semilet used an effective shot from the point to narrow the gap to one. Very soon afterwards Levi Schreiber got an odd angle shot passed the goalie, tying up the game. Final score was 4-4.

Sunday Jan 22 in Kyle
KDL and Kyle both played the previous day and wanted to end the weekend with a win. KDL put the first goal on the board just after the halfway mark in the first period. Jake Semilet put one in close from the point and with help from Laine and Tyler scored our first goal. Kyle tied it up while on the power play a few minutes later.
Lyndon Kloster was getting a lot of shots with his line and scored our second goal with 3 minutes to go in the first.

Kyle tied it up halfway thru the 2nd. But the Kloster Birn Ostrowski line set up a beautiful set of passes to pull ahead 3to 2. Kyle didn't wait long for their next one though and we were tied again. Soon after that same Kloster Birn Ostrowski line kept on working for their second goal in minutes. End if the period was 4 to 3 for us.

Kyle tied it at four goals while on a power play. It took another 10 minutes before the next goal but it was Kyle that scored to make it 5 to 4 for the final score.

January 13, 2013
The KDL Midgets met the Rosetown Hannay team in Dodsland Sunday night. Darin Sperling picked up our first goal after about 7 minutes from Mason Anderson. By the end of the period, Lyndon Kloster and Tyler Moser made a play to set up Mason Anderson for our 2nd goal.
Fresh out of the dressing room after the first intermission, the KDL Midgets scored again, this time Mason set up Dylan Reilkoff-Schraefel to bring the contest to three goals to zero. Halfway through the game, Tyler Simpson found his sweet spot too off a pass from Dawson Morrell and Darin Sperling. KDL 4-0 by the 3nd of the 2nd. The second period was a little longer in the cold, cold Dodsland rink with the KDL serving 8 penalties and the Rosetown team serving 9.
The Rosetown Team weren’t giving up easily though and they ruined the shutout with two goals before the ten minute mark of the third period. Final score 4 to 2 for KDL Midgets.

Midgets vs Elrose Tuesday Jan 8th

It was a very close game played on Tuesday night. The Midgets had a 6 game + one tie streak going since the last time these teams met in Elrose in November.

Losing 2-0 near the end of the 2nd period, the shutout was nullified by Morgan Rousseaux set up by Lyndon Kloster and Nick Ross. Elrose didn't back off though and put in a quick goal before the buzzer.

Down two goals for most of the 3rd period, it was Finally our turn for a power play. Fed by Dawson morrell and Mason Anderson, Morgan Rousseaux used his power shot from the point and found the sweet top corner. Although We broke their four game winning streak back in November, they broke ours Tuesday winning the game 3 to 2. - DANORA

Trying to stay in 2nd place in the league, the Midgets beat EEL 9 to 4 Friday night at home. James Semilet led off scoring from the point with a pass from Tyler Birn. Dawson Morrell scored his first of the night with help from Darin Sperling. Tyler Birn and Mason Anderson then set up Laine Ostrowski to bring the score to 3 to 0.

Tyler Simpson found the net as well, fed by Lyndon Kloster and Dawson Morrell. Next shift out, Dawson circled around and scored his 2nd goal of the night with a pass from Hunter Thomson and Darin Sperling. Tyler Moser didnt miss his chance either when Morgan Rousseaux and James Semilet set him up for a break-away goal.

James set up Darin Sperling late in the 2nd period. in the same minute, Mason Anderson assisted on the 8th goal scored by Lyndon Kloster. Lyndon was the only KDL Midget to score in the third period however, while working hard with Dylan Reilkoff-Schraefel and Darin Sperling.

The penalties were quite even for the game but unfortunately the midgets finished off the game short 3 players though thankfully none of them were due to injuries.

Wearing the Mallards jerseys, the Midgets Really had to work for their first goal. The Luseland boys Tyler Birn teamed up from Lyndon Kloster halfway through the second period.
Beechy found the net as well at the End of the period tying the game at one each

Beechy pulled ahead by a goal at the middle of the third. The midgets hung on even while two men short a couple of times. Finally in the dying minutes of the game Laine Ostrowski tied the game with an odd angled goal. Final score was 2-2. Midget news submitted by Danora

The Midget team may have got off to a slow start with the wins this season starting out at 0 -3 but defeated Elrose last weekend with a very close game to bring home their first win. Elrose had been 4-0 starting out their season, but the Midgets played strong, handing Elrose their first defeat by a single goal with a final score of just 5 to 4 for the Tigers.

The KDL Midget Tigers played their 5th game on the road Sunday night in Eston winning decisively by a score of 10 to 1. It seemed like everyone wanted to be on the top of the sheet that night. Scoring for the Midgets were Mason Anderson (2 goals), Nick Ross, Darin Sperling (scoring on his birthday !!), Tyler Birn (2 goals), Levi Schreiber, Laine Ostrowski, Morgan Rousseaux and Jacob Mitchell. Assists provided by Hunter Thomson (2 assists), Dawson Morrell (2 assists), Jake Semilet (2 assists), Tyler Moser, Laine Ostrowski, Dylan Reilkoff-Schraefel, James Semilet, Levi Schreiber, Lyndon Kloster.
The Midgets played two games this weekend.
Going to Unity Friday night, they battled most of the
game short handed and were defeated 8 to 2.
Their luck turned around however Sunday while playing
in Elrose we broke their 4 game winning streak !!
It was a very close game and the Tigers won 5-4.


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