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2013 Policy Manual, Registration,
Coaching App & Respect in Sport




2012 - 2013

Best wishes to the Midgets who are finished with Minor Hockey.
*Mason Anderson, Levi Schreiber, Dylan Reilkoff-Schraefel,
Tyler Moser, Darin Sperling, Lane Ostrowski, 
Nick Ross, Tyler Simpson, Jake Semilet.*
We enjoyed watching you over the years and wish you success in your future in what ever you take on. Thanks for the memories!

Growing up, if I hadn't had sports, I don't know where I'd be. God only knows what street corners I'd have been standing on and God only knows what I'd have been doing, but instead I played hockey and went to school and stayed out of trouble.
Bobby Orr


KMH Awards 2013
All players - Most Improved


Emery Cholin - Most Dedicated Player
Bree Halter - Most Sportsmanlike Player
Landon Schell - Most Improved Player


Kordell Murphy - Most Dedicated Player
Cody Beswitherick - Most Sportsmanlike Player
Carson Charteris - Most Improved Player

KDL Pee Wee Boys:

Jace Fischer - MVP
Adam Duhaime - Top Scorer
Kaelyn Neumeier - Most Dedicated Player
Ryan Koenig - Most Sportsmanlike Player
Avery Cholin - Top Defensive Player

KDL Pee Wee Girls

Erin Hebron - MVP
Celena Kissick - Top Scorer
Annika Kohlman - Most Sportsmanlike
Janaya borschneck  - Top Defensive Player
Tylar Clappison - Most Improved Player

KDL Bantam:

Derek Schraefel - MVP
Robbie Kohlman - Top Scorer
Ben Cholin - Most Dedicated Player
Zach Ross - Most Sportsmanlike Player
Derek Schraefel - Top Defensive Player

KDL Midget:

Mason Anderson - MVP
Lyndon Kloster - Top Scorer
Dylan Reilkoff - Most Sportsmanlike Player
Dawson Morrell - Deon Volk Award
Jake Semilet - Top Defensive Player

Sorry if we missed any of the awards that night....

Also we recognize the local kids that are playing at a higher level in double A, triple A and even junior, and give others an opportunity to rise to the vacancy. This is a a credit to our local minor hockey system.

Thank you to all of the coaches and the large number of other support volunteers that make hockey enjoyable for all participants!

It should be noted that hockey is a team game and all the players contribute to the success of the team. Most coaches noted that it is very hard to choose these awards. No player can achieve success without their team mates, so many thanks to all of the players who play the game - you are all award winners!

20 years later... The Championship Tigers traveled to Vegas for a tournament this weekend and will return once more as the champions, winning it all!  Way to go boys!  You can get their autographs, but don't ask them to tell their story though, because you know the old saying.....

Old Tigers

Final Results

Success is achieved when all the kids progress!
The Prairie Thunder Girls win the Provincial Championship. Way to go!
They lose 2 straight to bow out of League Playoffs with Lloyd.
Pee Wee Thunder Girls win the March Ice Tournament by sweeping through the competition and taking the final game by a score of 11-1

KDL Pee Wee boys
advance to the Northern final of SHA playoffs and go down to Unity in the total point series.
They are eliminated by Unity in the semi final round of league playoffs.

win in Hudson Bay by a score of 8-4, but one goal shy of Northern Final SHA total point series after digging a 5 goal deficit in Dodsland. #5 from HB contributed in every goal in the series for a total of 10 points.
KDL Bantams bow out to EEL in the semi final round of League playoffs also by one goal in the series.

Atoms win round one with Macklin White and win the final round with Macklin Blue to become league Champs!

rally to take Wilkie in round one of League playoffs in Kerrobert and are eliminated in the semi finals to the yet unbeaten Unity Lazers.

make it into the playoffs. They had a great year, had lots of fun and developed their skills. The are defeated by Eston in League Playoffs.

Hockey News!


Pee Wee boys, the only team still standing, would return to Unity for game 2 of this Provincial round after being shutout at home in game one. Unity would take game 2 by a score of 8-1 giving up the marker to Chayse Murphy from Jace Fischer and Justin Wells.

The West Central Midget AA Girls, featuring our own Keili Murphy, are the Provincial Champions by defeating Regina by a score of 3-2 on Sunday night

Pee Wee Thunder Girls win the March Ice Tournament by sweeping through the competition and taking the final game by a score of 11-1

Saturday the KDL Bantams traveled to Hudson Bay with a couple of Pee Wees in tow, to try to dig out of a 5 point hole for game 2 of Northern Provincial finals. They jumped out to an early 2 goal lead and with 15 minutes left in the game lead by a score of 6-2.. The hard working KDL Bantam team struck panic in the Hunter's arena but in the end they would hold them off with a final score of 8-4 handing Hudson Bay their first loss of the season. The infamous # 5 would contribute in every goal of the series with 2 goals and 2 assists this game. The boys put on a hell of a display but are eliminated in League and Provincials by one goal in each series. Way to go boys. You succeeded because you are a passing team and everyone contributed. An amazing campaign!

Thursday the Atoms took on Macklin Blue at home and like they did all year, they put their foot into it and won the league title to remain unbeaten all season! Nice going!


Tuesday in Dodsland a determined EEL team came looking to make up a one goal deficit. It was all KDL Bantams for the first 15 minutes but EEL would shake off their bus legs and take it into KDL zone through the second. KDL came back to press hard in the third but the net minder slammed the door to shut out the swarming Bantams as EEL takes the game 2-0 to win the series by a goal. A fast game was played well by both teams and there is no shame in mudville.
Well done!


Monday night the Pee Wees played the Unity lazers one more time but could not break the curse as they go down 6-0 at home in game 1 in the Northern Provincial Finals. Game 2 goes Monday in Unity at 5! 

In an amazing display of skills, passing and hard, fast hockey the Provincial Final AA Midget Girls contest in Dodsland between the Regina Capitals and the West Central Wheat Kings, on Sunday gave the fans everything they could ever want in a game. The Wheat Kings would put on a clinic with a final score of 5-0. Both teams played this game with wreckless abandon. Who ever said there was no contact in girls hockey didn't see this game. 

A tough weekend in KDL land puts the brakes on playoff hopes!

Midgets would travel to Unity on Saturday for the second game of this round. Midgets would go down to the unbeaten Unity Lazers by a score of 7-4 to end the Tigers season. You had a great season and played some good hockey to watch. Well done! 

Best wishes to the Midgets who are finished with Minor Hockey.
*Mason Anderson, Levi Schreiber, Dylan Reilkoff-Schraefel, Tyler Moser, Darin Sperling,
Lane Ostrowski, Nick Ross, Tyler Simpson, Jake Semilet.*
We enjoyed watching you over the years and wish you success in your future in what ever you take on. Thanks for the memories!

AA Pee Wees play in Dodsland against Warman on Monday. They are down in the series after going down 7-1 in Warman.

AA Bantams bow out on Friday night in Kindersley to the Battleford Barons.

The Prairie Thunder Girls would return to Lloyd, wait, Kipscotty, as the plant in their rink went down. 0-0 after one, 0-0 after 2 but 2-1 for Lloyd after 3. This would be the end of the Thunder for this year. A quick exit by a team that they had beaten all year, after winning the Provincial Girls title. A great season by these kids. Well done!

Bantams would host Hudson Bay in Dodsland Saturday afternoon. In what looked like a fairly even game, one kid stood out huge for Hudson Bay and would tally 6 points out of 6 goals and was able to draw lots of penalties, taking down the Bantams by a score of 6-1. They will try it again by returning to Hudson Bay next Saturday Mar 16 by bus leaving at 9AM.


The Midgets hosted the high scoring, unbeaten Unity Lazers late Thursday night after the girls game. A fast paced, hard hitting game saw the Tigers play them hard. They were down a goal after 2 periods and after 3 they were on the short end by a score of 5-2.  This team is a shining example of the Hockey Canada minor hockey fair play policy. Everyone has an assignment and because they all have a role on the team, they have become a very competitive team on the ice and are fun to watch. Hats off to the coaches of the Midget team and to all coaches who are able to implement this policy effectively. It is very tough to do.

The Thunder Pee Wee girls hosted the Lloyd GForce team last night for game one of the 3 game series. Lloyd got up a goal early but KDL battled back to tie it up. The score was knotted at one till the final buzzer. GForce would score 8 minutes into the over time period to take game one.


Pee Wees traveled to Unity on Wednesday night for game 2 down by 5 goals. a much better effort this night would end in a tie but would eliminate the Pee Wee boys from League play offs. They will meet them in Provincials next.

On Tuesday the Pee Wees hosted Unity in the ol barn, but the home crowd was not enough to spur on the Pee Wees as the local boys dug themselves into a big hole going down in game one by a score of 9-4.

The Bantams would travel to Eatonia to take on the big fast EEL Bantams. EEL got up by one early in the game but Ben Cholin closed in on the net and buried the tieing goal from TJ Greshner and Mathew Roblin. Wyatt Knorr would move the Tigers into the lead half way through the second from Robbie Kohlman and Zach Ross. After EEL would tie it once more, Tylar McIntosh would make it 3-2 from Kohlman and Knorr but the hard skating EEL would tie it once more. Finally Roblin would tuck the game winner from Greschner and McIntosh to squeak out the narrow lead to take home for game 2 by a score of 4-3. 


Keili Murphy would score the overtime winner with the Wheat King Midget Girls in PA on Sunday.   

Occupying the vacant Junior club's dressing room, the Kerrobert Initiation got down a few goals near the end of the game but rallied hard for a dramatic come back to put on a great show for the admiring crowd. 

The Pee Wee boys win game 2 over Spiritwood by a hefty 6-1 score to advance to the Northern final.

The Bantams played host to macklin on Sunday for game 2 of this Provincial round. KDL swarmed and passed their way to an 8-2 victory to move them into the Northern final of SHA playoffs.

The Midgets traveled to Wilkie for game 2, a goal down, and found themselves up by one at the end of the second at 3-2. With only 3 minutes left in the third and the score tied at 4 things were looking bad, but 2 quick goals by the Tigers roared backed to life and an empty netter moves the Tigers onto the next round.
I humbely apologize to any sad fans at the Bantam game in Dodsland as I reported the late score of 4-4 as being the final. The error was realized after the game was over. 

KDL Bantams hosted Kindersley for game 2 of the opening round of league playoffs in Dodsland Friday night. Up by a single goal the bantams made no mistake on this night as assistant captain Mathew Duhaime returns to the line up coming off a broken wrist lead his team with 5 points. Koby Reiber had a 4 point night and the rest of the team contributed points on a very different effort than the first game. Sam Walz held the opponants to zero until late in the third with the final buzzer score of 11 -0

In a wild affair on Tuesday night, the Wilkie Outlaws came to visit the KDL Midgets. In a see saw battle they traded goals all night and the Tigers found themselves a goal short at the end of the match. They will return to Wilkie to make it up in the 2 game total point league playoff series.


The Pee Wee Thunder Girls played game one in the final Provincial tournament against Kamsack and tied 2-2 after out shooting them by a count of 35-17. In game 2 they blew out Dinsmore 8-0 which moved them to the semi final with Carrot River who they took down by a whopping 16-2. This took the Thunder to final on Sunday against Kamsack once again for the ultimate showdown, but this day they decided they wanted it all and showed who deserved to be the Provincial champs with a final score of 6-2.

Sunday, after an emotional high of taking Macklin in game one of Provincials, the Bantams headed to Kindersley to open the league play offs in the bright new rink. The Tigers were on their heals as Kindersley was looking for an upset and came out hitting and playing with grit. Mathew Roblin would net the opener from Derek Schraefel and Kindersley quickly answered with one of their own. Kindersley would keep hammering, with the Tigers hemmed in and would take the lead early in the second. With only a minute left in the second Zach Ross would even things up from Wyatt Knorr. Early in the third, Knorr would get the unassisted, go ahead goal that would eventually prove to be the game winner. Kindersley returns on Wednesday at 7:15 to take on the Tigers for game 2 only one goal down.


The KDL Bantams headed west on the road to Macklin in round 2 of Provincial play on Saturday. Macklin came out hard and had the Tigers on their heals, but the good guys settled into their passing game and Zach Ross led his club with a hat trick to beat Macklin 4-1. Game 2 at home on Wednesday.

Saturday the Rage traveled back to Carrot River for game 3 in a do or die situation but couldn't put together the win going down 3 straight to the Tri Town Thunder.
Making the play offs this season was a first for the Rage in a year that saw them just short of .500 hockey at 18-20-2 they provided some exciting hockey to watch and were competitive on the ice. A club that bonded as a team. Many will go home, some will stay, work and make this their home. We say farewell to captain Justin Cote and Bo Gervais. These veterans have been with the team from the beginning. Gervais came on a trade with the Royals when he was 17 the first year of the Rage and Cote was aquired on a dispersal draft from the Cyclones 3 years ago .Thank you for your leadership and the memories!


Thursday saw a good crowd on hand to see if the Rage could handle the red hot Thunder for game 2 of the 5 game series. The Rage came out hard and pinned the Thunder into their own zone for the most part in the first and doubled the shots of the Thunder, only to find themselves down by a goal for their efforts. Out shooting them in the second got them down by 2. Thunder went into defense mode and would only allow the Rage 5 shots in the third. Rage would loose game 2 by a score of 3-2.

Down two games to none the Rage will head back on Saturday for the 6 hour bus ride to see if they can salvage the season and get a win in their first playoff series and force a game 4 back here on Sunday. If they can display the same effort as in game 2 there should be a good chance.


On Monday the Thunder Girls traveled to Lloyd for the second game of the total point series. A close battle ended the first still knotted at zero. The Thunder jumped out with 2 in the second and 2 more in the third to put this series away with a final score of 4-1 and move on to the final Provincial tournament!

Sunday the Bantams would travel ugly roads on the bus to Naicam to finish up that Provincial series easily with a game score of 6-1.

Saturday night in Kerrobert, was the biggest crowd the old barn has seen for a few years as the Tigers hosted Luseland Dodsland Mallards for game 2 of League playoffs. In a must win situation the Tigers jumped out to an early lead that they held till mid way through the second when the Mallards tied it up. The Tigers seemed to run out of legs and let the Mallards in with 3 more goals. Tigers got a late goal to make it respectable but did not get out of their own zone much in the third as the mallards made no mistake on this one!
This Tiger team made great strides in the second half of the season causing a little panic around the league after a dismal start, but with lots of young talent, they should be a force over the next few years. Nice to see some entertaining senior hockey back in Kerrobert with this much excitement!

The Rage traveled back Cypress for the last league game of the season to redeem themselves after an embarrassing loss in front of their home crowd and would make no mistake this time trouncing the Cyclones by a score of 6-2

Friday night saw the last regular season home game and what was supposed to be an expected win when the Rage hosted the Cypress Cyclones which brought only 10 skaters including 2 Midget players. Although a small team the Cyclones have 3 kids in the top 15 scoring in the league. The Rage came out hard and peppered the Cyclones with a 20 shot advantage in the first period but only one goal to show for it. It was all down hill from there as the Rage decided to quit skating and the first line totally spent, the snipers with the Cyclones stepped in for the kill and embarrassed the surging Rage by a score of 4-1. The Rage will travel to Cypress today to try again.

The Thunder Girls defeated Lloyd in the Dodsland rink on Friday to take a lead in the series by a score of 2-0

The Pee Wees were in Battleford for game 2 of their opening playoff series. They lost the game but won the total point series by a big score and will move on to the next round.


Friday the Sr. Tigers traveled to the always rowdy shootout in Dodge. Tigers got up early in the first before they would give up 4 unanswered goals by the end of the second. A third period rally was too little too late as the Tigers made it close losing game one by a score of 4-3. Game 2 goes Saturday night in the Kerrobert barn. A must win to force a game 3.

Thunder Girls traveled to Lloyd for a late game Friday Feb 8 battling brutal ice conditions through the first period with a layer of water but the Thunder roared to to a 5-2 victory that didnt get over until 10:30. They will play this squad in playoffs with game 1 in Dodsland Friday Feb 15 at 8:30 and return to Lloyd Monday Feb 18 at 7:00PM!

KDL Peewees upset the Battleford #4 team 8-2 Friday in game #1 of 1st round of league playoffs Game #2 next Friday night in North Battleford.


Kerrobert, Dodsland and Luseland Bantams finished the Season in second place with a record of 13-4-1 and the second lowest penalty minutes. They will have second pick of who they would like to play in league playoffs.

The KDL Pee Wee boys finish up in third with a record of 8-6-2. They have won their first round of Provincial playoffs and waiting to schedule the second round.

The Kerrobert Atoms finished the regular league season undefeated! The first place atoms team is gearing up for league playoffs!

Where are those Midgets these days you might wonder..well they are wrapping up their last three league games but none of them were in the Kerrobert arena. Due to conflict with exams, the last couple of games were re-scheduled and the Tigers were caught in a crunch to finish by the league deadline. Playing three days in a row wasn't any one's first choice but the Midgets were hungry to get playing after a two week break.
Saturday Feb 2nd they went to Rosetown to play the Hannay team. As with teams so close in the standings, this game could have gone either way. The midgets brought it on strong with 2 goals in the same 21 seconds by Laine Ostrowski and then Nick Ross. They did the same in the 2nd period with two goals in the same 24 seconds by Lyndon Kloster and Tyler Birn. Rosetown wasn't letting Quinton rack up a shut out and they kept pressing him until the score was 4-2 at the end of the 2nd. Mason Anderson tried to get another scoring drive going but his goal was the only one for Kerrobert in the third. It was just enough though as the boys edged out Rosetown 5 to 4.

Sunday Feb 3rd - Luseland Home Game vs Wilkie.
The boys from Luseland wanted to bring it on big scoring in their home rink. They put on the white mallards jerseys once more this year. Lyndon Kloster lined up Tyler Birn twice in the first period to take an early lead. While Morgan Rousseaux found the sweet spot for our 3rd goal, Wilkie got the better of us in the second period by answering back with three goals of their own. The KDL ran a little short of gas and were unable to get back ahead on the board. Wilkie won this one 4 to 3.

Monday Feb 4th - KDL Midgets to Biggar (Rosetown Paproski)
So we drove to Biggar Monday night on the worst winter roads I may have ever driven in my life only to watch our KDL Midgets play their best game of hockey all year. It wasn't as lopsided as the score may suggest. The Rosetown Paproski team kept the play at both ends and the team worked hard for each point. You just can't keep Tyler Birn out of the goalie's corners and he slipped that first goal in all by himself. Dawson and Tyler Simpson set up Mason Anderson early in the 2nd period. On the power play, Nick Ross went back to his 'D' - James Semilet gunning in a shot from the point.
Tyler Simpson re channeled some energy in the third period and with the help of Lyndon Kloster, the KDL boys were up 5 to 0. Out of the corner of the Rosetown goalie's eye was Tyler Birn circling again. He scored with Lyndon's help and then the two of them set up Laine Ostrowski to put up our 6th goal of the game. KDL won this match up 6 to 1. - Danora


Sun Feb 3
The Junior Rage were on their game Sunday. Came out hard and never looked back hammering the cocky Thunder by a score of 7-2. The scrappy 2 game series maybe a taste of things to come as it is looking more and more like this is who the Rage will meet in the opening 5 game playoff round.

Bantams traveled to Battleford for their last regular season game and easily won by a score of 7-1
KDL Bantams will finish near the top of the League and will know soon who they play in the opening round of playoffs.

Pee Wee Boys took the bus ride to Watrous for game two of the opening round of Provincials. In a wide open shoot fest the Pee Wees come home with the first notch taking the the series by 2 with a game score of 9-8

The Pee Wee Thunder Girls took on G-Force in only thier 4th game in the ol barn. The big crowd were a little nervous when the Home squad were down by a goal in the first period but the Fiesty Thunder team rallied back to take out Llloyd by a score of 4-3

The Kerrobert Atom Tigers finished the regular league season undefeated! The first place atoms team is gearing up for playoffs in hopes of the winning streak continuing!

  Sr. Tigers loose a close one in Kindersley on Friday and win in Eatonia Saturday.
They will meet rivals Luseland/Dodsland Mallards in the first round of playoffs. 

Sat Feb 2
Tri Town Thunder is on a roll lately and the Rage are their latest casualty. Tri Town 3 Rage 2


Sunday Jan 27
Bantams would travel to meet the high flying Unity Minors who have been tearing up the league of late and couldn't quite handle them going down 3-2 in this barn burner.

The Rage look like they are heading in to the playoffs with a win in Pilot Butte against the Storm to grab 2 wins on the 3 game road swing weekend. 5 wins in the last 6 games is a great way to head down the stretch.

KDL Pee Wees win their opening game of SHA provincial playoffs at home against Waterous 6-5

Pee Wee Girls lost a close one in Irma 4-2 giving up an empty net goal with one second on the clock.

Sr. Tigers lose a close one in turtleford to bow out of the first round provincial play.

The Rage were in Carrot River for the 2nd game of their 3 game swing to take on the Tri town Thunder and would have it knotted at 2 in the third but would give up a late goal and lost an important game 3-2. Now on to Pilot Butte to take on the RV Storm on Sunday.

Jan. 26: A nice start to Provincial playoffs today in Dodsland as the KDL Tigers put on a Bantam workshop for the Naicam Vikings. With Mathew Duhaime on the side lines with a brocken wrist, Derek Schraefel came away with five points, defenseman Ben Cholin assisted two goals and went up high for a sweet breakaway goal in the last minute of the game, TJ Greshner scored once and assisted twice, and Zach Ross netted two markers as well. Wyatt Knorr, Jon McDonald, Tyler McIntosh, Colt Beswitherick and Matthew Roblin also contributed to the 7 to 0 victory. Goalie Sam Walz earned the shutout. KDL returns to Naicam for the second game of this two-game total-point series on Feb. 17.


The Lloydminster Border Kings rolled in on the big bus to hand the Sr. Tigers a convincing Loss on Friday night. An emotionless home team took one on the chin 9-1, on the eve of their Provincial round one trip to Turtleford for game 2 on Saturday. 

Earlier that night the Novice club set the tone for the night when they hosted a high flying  Rosetown club who handed them a thump as well. Both host clubs were instead somewhere warm on this night!

The Rage traveled to PA to take on the Ice Hawks and after a slow start finally won this one by a score of 4-2 to take game one of the 3 game road swing and extend their longest win streak to 4 games, but the Westleys would stay one point ahead beating the Cyclones the same night. Saturday they head to Carrot River to take on the Tri Town Thunder who hold the spot 4 points ahead.

The Peewees travelled to Unity on a cold and stormy Wednesday night to play the undefeated Unity Lazers. KDL came out strong and scored on the 1st shift and held the lead for the rest of the game. Unity suffered their 1st loss of the season 5-2. The stormy drive home wasn't so bad after a nice win.

The Bantams continued their winning streak with a 3 to 2 win Tuesday night in Rosetown.  Goals early in the first period by Matthew Roblin and Robbie Kohlman would carry the team through two Rosetown markers and some questionable reffing until Kohlman, with help from Roblin and Jon McDonald, found the net again late in the third.
Also on the road Tuesday night was the West Central Rage, as they traveled to Saskatoon to meet the Westleys. Compensation for the bumpy drive over Highway 51 came in the form of goals from Schwark, Kipling, Lanigan, and Gervais, adding up to a 4 - 1 win for the Rage.
The Senior Tigers tried to keep up to the Unity Miners, ending the second period 3 to 2 in their favour.  The hockey gods were not on their side, however, and Unity kept the two points in their barn with a 7 to 4 win.
The West Central Wheat Kings AA Pee Wees fought a hard long battle in Dodsland versus Prince Albert in the second game of the two-game, total-point series.  The Wheat Kings were three goals down from the first game, but battled hard and tied the series late in the third.  PA finally scored early in the third overtime period.   Those boys will sleep well after playing over 90 minutes of hockey!
On a bitter cold Sunday afternoon the Turtleford Tigers visited the barn for game 1 of the opening round of provincial play. Turtleford opened the scoring 5 minutes in with a goal by Adam Schwark. 6 minutes later Riley Anderson would answer with a ripper from the blue line from Jace Kissick but with 5 min left in the first period Shwark would make it 2-1 heading into the intermission. No scoring in the second and just 30 seconds into the third captain Kyle Endicott tied it up again for Kerrobert. Once again Schwark answered at the 15 minute mark for the hat trick and Turtleford would do one more at 5:32 left in the third to make it 4-2. Dylan Phillips would bring Kerrobert within one and Quenton Murphy smacked a home run from Phillips that would knot it up at 4. Turtleford would add one more with 4 minutes left to take home a one goal lead in the series. Kerrobert didn't quite show the intensity that they had the night before in Dodlsand on the third game in as many nights. Kerrobert would win 2 out of 3 on the toughest weekend yet!

The Bantams won on the return trip to Biggar by a score of 5-2. Initiation would tie Macklin 12-12 and the Novice won 10-4 over Eatonia.

The Girls tied Lloyd G-Force 2-2 and beat Wizzard Wells  by a score of 7-1

The Rage would easily handle the Prince Albert Ice Hawks by a score of 7-2.


Saturday night the Senior Tigers traveled South to the noisy Dodsland Arena to take on the power house Luseland -Dodsland Stallards. This night the Tigers would jump out to an early lead on a goal by Quenton Murphy, then Gary Phillips brought it to 2-0 to end the first period. Stallards would tie it up at 2. They would trade one more each and just when it was looking like another overtime with under 2 minutes remaining, Cody Zerr made it 4-3 to put this one in the win column for the Tigers. One of the most entertaining games of the season offered a fast tempo, hard hits and a nail-biter ending. The Tigers doubled their win total this week end as they take on Turtleford Sunday for the opening round of Provincial play. A trip to Unity Tuesday will have them playing 4 games in 5 nights! 

Midgets would get down 4-2 against Battleford but rallied back to tie it up with a final of  4-4.

Friday night the top place Kindersley Red Lions roared into the barn looking to have their way with the bottom place Tigers, but it seems, lately the Tigers have had about enough of that. The Tigers held them to one goal through 2 periods when former Rage Dillon Paradis would tie it up from Kyle Endicott and Riley Anderson at 14:08 of the third. Kindersley would go ahead again 2 minutes later. Endicott would knot it at 2 from Brent Flahr. Shane Marsh slammed the door on the net to hold the score into overtime. Still undecided we would go to another shoot out. After 7 shooters from each team Cody Zerr buried it to give the Tigers the thriller upset win.  The Tigers will take on the Mallards in Dodsland Saturday night and head to the first round Provincial match with Turtleford Sunday in Kerrobert at 7 for the third game in 3 nights.

On the same night, the Bantams defeated Wilkie by a score of 5-2 in Dodsland. The Atoms easily handled Wilkie by a score of 9-3 and The Rage would edge out Cypress by a score of 6-5


A Battle Royale!

The undefeated Unity Midget team came to town to extend their streak on Thursday and try to embarrass the Tigers once more, but the Tigers were ready this time. Out shot 12-3 after one and no score. Still tied at one after 2 periods but would come apart in the third losing 4-1. A much better showing this time around, but discipline would hurt the good guys this time.

Jan 13 KDL played G force Lloyd team in a even tighter well played game teid 2-2.
Jan 12 Girls travelled to Lloyd and took on Wizzard wells in a tight game taking the win 2-1.
Jan 6 2013 the girls where back at after a break the played at Dodsland where they took on the Irma team. Had truoble finding the back of the net but played well dropping contest 3-0.


No Reports from Novice or Initiation. If someone would like to do this as well as update those web pages please let me know.

KDL Bantams swarm the Rosetown Netminder!
Greshner (14) Roblin (9) Duhaime (8)


The NHL lockout is officially over! Do they deserve our undying, dedicated support? I think not so much any more. Who deserves our support more? The kids, players, coaches and volunteers who do this just for fun. It is incredible to watch kids develop over the years from being hardly able to stand up on skates to, within a few short years, being able to coordinate skating, passing and handling the puck with ease. I have been taken by the skill of these kids, who, when given a chance,can excel at this exciting game. Win or lose there are always amazing plays by both teams.

By supporting this game we help to teach kids life skills too numerous to mention. We ensure that they are getting almost daily excersise and teaching them nutrition habits and mental preparation. the kids, volunteers, and the fans get off the couch and into the community, which in the long run is healthier for all of us. As long as they are at a rink and venting energy they are not somewhere else getting into the many things available to kids that are not nearly as beneficial.

Hats off to governments and tax payers who feel recreation faciities are a worth while investment and put money into these wonderful facilities and programs, to the fans and volunteers, all who are contributing to a better society and in reality will be saving us mountains of money in health care and criminal costs. Boo to the elite money grabbers who will never get enough and will continue until we, the fans, say that's enough. Let's head down to the local arena!

We are blessed here with hockey for every level of Minor, Girls, Junior, Senior and even adult drop-in Hockey. A very busy rink with many games every weekend.

See you at the Rink!


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Managers 2012/13
Initiation & Novice - Rosanne Seversen
Atom - Sheila Murphy
Pee Wee - Jim Cholin
Bantam - Chandra Schraefel
Midget - Darwin Schreiber


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What is Fair Play?

There are four main participant groups involved in minor hockey games: the players, the coaches, the officials, and the parents/spectators. How these four groups interact determines how positive, or how negative an event becomes. A Fair Play program in any hockey association promotes SAFETY and RESPECT and a positive environment for all participants.

Fair Play Principles

  • Respect the Rules
  • Respect the Opponents
  • Respect the Officials and Their Decisions
  • Have Everyone Participate
  • Maintain Your Self-Control at all Times

There is no level of hockey below the house level. If kids aren't allowed to play at this level they have to drop out. The objective for all of Minor Hockey is skill development for all participants, not winning at any cost or to groom kids for elite hockey! All Minor Hockey Associations must constantly ask themselves "are all participants being treated fairly?"


The Kerrobert Memorial Arena was featured on TSN for
Remembrance Day because of it's WW2 history

TSN Kerrobert Arena Tribute:


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Why I Quit Hockey: A letter to his parents

A perspective from a hockey dad, a referee and his 3 sons...
For the Sake of the Game!

Game Scores
Game Scores:
Sat Mar 16
Bantam 8 @ Hudson Bay 4
Tue Mar 12
EEL 2 @ Bantam 0
Sat Mar 9

Midget 4 @ Unity 7
Thunder Girls 1 @ Lloyd 2
Hudson Bay 6 @ Bantam 1
Thurs Mar 7
GForce 2 @ Thunder 1
Unity 5 @ Midget 2
Wed Mar 6
Pee Wee 3 @ Unity 3 
Tue Mar 5
Unity 9 @ Pee Wee 4
Bantam 4 @ Eatonia 3
Sun Mar 3
Macklin 2 @ Bantam 8
Spiritwood 1 @ Pee Wee 6
Fri Mar 1
Midgets 7 @ Wilkie 4
Kindersley 1 @ Bantam 11
Tue Feb 26
Wilkie 5 @ Midget 4
Sat Feb 23
Rage 2 @ Thunder 5
Bantams 4 @ Macklin 1
Thunder Girls
vs. Kamsack 2-2
vs. Dinsmore 8-0
vs. Carrot River 16-2
Thu Feb 21
Thunder 3 @ Rage 2
Sun Feb 17
Batams 5 @ Naicam 2 
Sat Feb  16
Mallards 4 @ Tigers 2
Rage 6 @ Cylones 2
Fri Feb 15
Cypress 4 @ Rage 1
Pee Wees 2 @ BFord 3
Lloyd 0 @ Thunder 2
Sat Feb 9
Tigers 3 @ Dodsland 4

Fri Feb 8
Thunder 5 @ Lloyd 2
BFord 2 @ Pee Wees 8

Wed Feb 6
Bford 2 @ WC Bantam 7

Sun Feb 3
TT Thunder 2 @ Rage 7
Lloyd G-Force 3 @ Pee Wee Girls 4
Bantam 7 @ BFord 1
Pee Wee 9 @ Watrous 8

Sat Feb 2
Thunder 3 @ Rage 2
Sun Jan 27
Rage 5 @ Storm 1
Bantam 2 @ Unity 3
Waterous 5 @ Pee Wee 6
Girls 2 @ Irma 4
Sat Jan 26
Rage 2 @ Thunder 3
Naicom 0 @ Bantam 7
Pee Wee 2 @ Outlook 5
Fri Jan 25
Rosetown 10 @ Novice 4
Lloyd 9 @ Tigers 1
Rage 4 @ PA 2
Wed Jan 23
Pee Wee 5 @ Unity 2
Tue Jan 22
Rosetown 2 @ Bantam 3
Tigers 4 @ Unity 7
Rage 4 @ Westleys 1
Sun Jan 20
Turtleford 5 @ Sr. Tigers 4
Bantam 5 @ Biggar 2
Macklin 12 @Intiation 12
Eatonia 4 @ Novice 10
PA 2 @ Rage 7
Sat Jan 19
Battleford 4 @ Midget 4
Tigers 4 @ Stallards 3
Fri Jan 18
Kindersley 2 @ Tigers 3
Wilkie 2 @ Bantam 5
Wilkie 3 @ Atom 9
Thurs Jan 17
Unity 4 @ Midget 1
Sun Jan 13
Biggar 5 @ Pee Wee 4
Bantam 3 @ Dinsmore 4
Rosetown 2 @ Midget 4
Quakers 6 @ Rage 4
Girls 2 @ Lloyd 2
Sat Jan 12
Royals 8 @ Rage 2
Bford 8 @ Bantam 7
Girls 2 @ Lloyd 1

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