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2011 - 2012

Kerrobert Minor Hockey
bids a fond farewell to it's
#1 fan. Bruce Mettlewski 
who passed away this summer.
The rink can never be the same!


Kerrobert, Dodsland, Luseland Pee Wees
Win Hwy 14 League Title

In fine tradition, down a goal coming home in the series
against an always tough Wilkie team, they make it count at home!
Way to go!!!

KDL Pee Wee Girls win the ECAFH
league championship
by winning 2 straight games and closing the door in Dodsland on Saturday.

Kerrobert Novice League Finalist 

The potent Kerrobert Novice went right to the championship game at home on Sunday. They fought a hard battle for the league title but could not get past the high flying Leader/Eatonia team. They had a great season and we look forward to many exciting games ahead from this bunch. Keep it up!


Bantams Bow out in Semi Final

Expectations were high for this group that has won the title every year they have been in league play!  Maybe they shouldn't have looked past Battleford, who they had conquered three times already this season. Maybe the long layover between games. The list goes on.  But on this night, Battleford came hard with determination and would deny these kids the chance to move on to the Finals. Undefeated in League play, finishing first overall, the kids had a great year and learned a lot. Lessons come in many ways and this is just one more. Many thanks to Brad and Garry!
It was a fun year!


Midget Tigers Wrap it up!
Heading on the road for game 2 of the semi final series with Elrose
with a goal advantage, the hard skating Aces were too much
to contain. Elrose would jump on an early lead and never look back.

A team that in the beginning seemed unlikely to exist at all -
too few kids, only four third years, no coaches, and one net
minder led them to the road to Unity to bring in some young rookies
and a goalie from Macklin.
Coaches Gary Phillips, Cody Zerr and Dakota Volk stepped
up to shape this struggling team into a fast skating entertaining
team that brought them right to the league semi finals. 


A Fond Farewell
Kerrobert Minor Hockey sends special well wishes and thanks
to Captain Dylan MacKinnon, Chris Mitchell, Logan Dommett,
and Travis Roszell, all of whom played
in their last Minor Hockey game Friday night!
We enjoyed watching you over the years and wish you
success in the future.
Your years in the game will always be a huge part of you that
brings memories of teams, friends, wins, losses,
titles and struggles that you will never forget!

Thank You! 
We thank the coaches and managers who have given
so generously of their time and all the workers behind the scenes.
It takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication to
operate a hockey team. Thanks for the memories!

Special thanks to Darryl Fruhstuk, Referee Coordinator
for once again scheduling game officials. A tough job
to be sure. Also, thanks to all our officials for a great year.
Without you there would be no games!

Thanks to Dan Cholin for the great ice once again!

Thank you to Del Kissick for keeping the masses fed and
staffing the booth with workers. To all the booth workers
for keeping us all safe.

A huge thank you to the citizens in town and surrounding RMs for
funding the recreation facilities, especially the arena.
This is the hub of activity in our little town for 6 months of the year.
It keeps the kids fit and out of trouble and host guests
from all over the province! It benefits us all!

See you at the rink!


Friday March 16 also saw the Bantams travel into
Battleford for game one of the semi final series
An early Tiger lead would hold the night and
in spite of a non existant referee who would let
the game get ugly, the Bantams bring home a 2 goal
lead for game 2 on Monday night.

Wednesday night brought Elrose into town to challenge
the Midgets in Round 2 for the chance to go to the finals.
Tigers went up early and held a narrow lead all
night. In a head to head game Elrose had their
chances but Goaltender Mathew Stefaniuk would
be the game star on this night to help his team
take a single goal lead into Elrose Friday night.
Mason Anderson, Chris Mitchell and Laine Ostrowski
Would chalk the markers for the Tigers!

Pee Wees also played game one of the final series
against Wilkie. They will return to home on Friday night
down by one goal. Game time for the final game is 6:30!
Don't miss it!



Novice defeated Rosetown and will progress
to the next and final round of league play.

Midgets had a strong round with Wilkie 
and will move on to the next round.

KDL Pee Wee
girls won their game in Dodsland

Bantams lose game 2 against a fast skating
Spiritwood team. Kerrobert went ahead
2 goals early playing with good hustle but
then let up and gave Spititwood a chance to get
back in the game and finally lost game 2
by a score of 4-3. 

All teams are now out of Provincial playoffs in early
rounds for the first time in many years. Stay tuned
for league playoffs! 

Bantams take the first round of League Playoffs
on Sunday against Eston

Rage win last game on the road and are no
longer the bottom place team. For the first time
ever they move up a rung in the standings.
Way to go boys!

Atoms lost 7-3 against Wilkie

Bantams took the bus to Spiritwood to meet
the Timberwolves in game one of
round 3 Provincial B playoffs on Tuesday.
In their brand new arena the Timberwolves
came our flying and netted 2 quick goals
before the Tigers would settle down and
bring it within reach. By the end of the second
down 3-2 it looked like the Tigers had figured out
how to contain the potent offense.

A flukey goal would breathe new life into
the home team late in the third and the
Tigers would fall 6-3 on the night.

Game 2 will be on Feb 26 in the barn.


Kerrobert Pee Wees
In the second round of provincial play
on Saturday Night against Warman
the mighty Pee Wees would let their
comfortable lead slip. Slowly, finally giving way to
another overtime affair. Testing fate once
too often would unfortunately give way
to a lucky bounce and cost them the game
and the series.  It was a great run
and a lot of heart
stopping excitement for the fans!
Hold your heads high!

Kerrobert Bantams down one goal in
the series host rivals Unity Lazers in game 2.
on Monday night. In contrast to game one's
defensive 1-0 struggle, the offense lit up the
board. In a physical back and forth battle,
the good guys moved ahead, and with the help of
an empty net goal took the game 8-4.


3 goals down and on the road the Pee Wees 
manage to send the game into overtime.

Here is the result!


Atoms loose to Wilkie 6-3    

Bantams hammer Kindersley


Wed Feb 1

Bantams traveled to Unity for game 1 round 2. 
Unity came hard right from the start and had
the good guys on their heels. Kerrobert
would only allow one goal but couldn't
find the opening at the other end. Unity finally
beats their rival when it counts 1-0.

Unity returns on Monday for game 2 at 8:PM.

Rage beat the Royals in Overtime 4-3.


In a battle to the end James Semilet would put
in the winning goal with under 5 minutes left
and clinch it with an empty netter to
give the Bantams a 6-4 win against
Battleford for a barn burner in the barn!


Midgets take Spititwood in game 2 by storm,
ralying back to win on the road 10-5. Unfortunately
they lose the series by 2.

Pee Wees go down 6-3 against Martensville
in game 1 of the opening round of their Provincial
playoffs in Luseland.

Atoms win big in Biggar!
Hat tricks by Chayse Murphy, Cholin, Fischer, and Borschneck.
Two from Fruhstuk and singles from Kordel Murphy,
  Sauverwald, Walz and Neumeier led
them to an 18-7 pounding over Biggar on the road.


Bantams move on to the next round of Provincials
in convincing style as they finished off Maidstone in
the barn on Friday. They will come up against
arch rivals Unity in the next round.

Novice Take Kindersley Tourney 
Novice Tourney

Novice Tigers - Big Winners
in Kindersley Tourney 


Atoms were down 3-2 after two 
and would run out of gas in third going down
to Unity Red 7-2 on Saturday


Bantams would head to Unity on the final leg of their 3 day
road swing Sunday. They were able to hold their
potent offence to one goal. Four at the other
end would hand the Lazers only their second
loss of the year and go 3 for 3 on the weekend.

Kerrobert also handed Unity their first loss as well.

Novice win big in Kindersley Tourney!

Bantams traveled to Outlook for game 2
of their 3 game weekend marathon to take
on Conquest. They would provide little
resistance as the Tigers passed and skated
their way to an 8-1 route!
They will make it to Unity to wrap up the
weekend to take on the second place team
who would love nothing better than
to knock the Tigers down a peg.

Midget Tigers opening round of Provincial
playoffs started out with the Midgets at
home on Friday night. A long delay before the
game waiting for the SHA assigned ref that
never showed. Ian Fischer was called at the
last minute to save the game.
Kerrobert played well in the first period and what
appeared to be dominating
the play. A couple of unfortunate goals got
the kids down by 2 in the first.

They were able to hold the score at 3-1
but into the third they started taking
penalties and Spiritwood would take
advantage of their frustration. The
last 10 minutes would be the local boy's
undoing while they allowed
the game to get out of control.
The Midgets have a 7 goal deficet
to dig themselves out of if they want
to move to the next round. Travis
Roszell would score the
2 Kerrobert goals

This commentator thinks they are the
stronger team if they can stay
out of the box. Good Luck!

Midgets will travel back to Spiritwood
on Jan 28 for game 2

Meanwhile the Bantams traveled to Lashburn
to take on Maidstone in game 1 on Friday.

Kerrobert would  lose defenseman Tylo Anderson
when he went into the boards and suffered
a severe break in his collar bone.

He was taken to the Unity hospital for treatment.
The team carried on to beat Maidstone to
bring home a lead into game 2
on Friday Jan 27 at 8:00 PM
See you there!

Bantams will play 2 more league games on the road
this weekend.

Pee wees beat Kindersley 9-4.


Atoms celebrate first win against Biggar
Tied at 1 after the first period, up 4-3 after the second and a convincing 7-3 final. Jace Fischer with a Hat trick, and goals by Chayse Murphy, Avery Cholin, Carson Charteris and Casey Fruhstuk carry the Atoms on to victory. Cody Beswitherick played solid in net. Thats the way you do it!

Check out all the teams standings at http://www.hi-way14hockeyleague.ca/

Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget provincial draws are out and can be viewed here:



Bantam and Midget Zone camps:

February 10-12, 2012|

Midget Zone Camp is held in Kerrobert
Bantam (second year only) is in Maidstone

Pee Wee Girls
Find out more about the Pee Wee Girls
Prairie Thunder Hockey Team
they play in the
East Central Alberta
Female Hockey League

Hi-Way 14 League has a new website!

Looking for Scores and hilites! 
If your team's score is not on this page
you could easily text the score to
834-8285 after the game or 
email schraefel@sasktel.net
or you can write a short article about the game
with the highlites! Thanks for any help!


Power out of Your Wrist Shot?

Written by Jeremy Rupke from howtohockey.com

The wrist shot is the most commonly used shot in hockey, but you would be surprised how many players, young and old, are not harnessing all of their power and putting it into their wrist shot.

I know this for a fact because the topic came up in the dressing room at beer leagues. One of the guys asked me why my wrist shot was so much faster then his, and I was half his size. I gave him a few pointers, and many of the other guys were listening and added in their tips. A few days later I had a few players coming up to me and telling me how much of a difference they noticed by following my advice(and practicing of course). These guys are 30 years or older and all it took was a few pointers to help them get more power from their wrist shot.

I have added those pointers below to help you reach your full potential! Some are basic, the other tips are a bit more advanced, but I thought I would include everything.

  • Pull the puck back

    • When taking a wrist shot, think of it like a sling shot. The further you can comfortably pull the puck back, the more time the puck spends on the blade of your stick, and the more time you have to transfer energy, and put power into your shot.

  • Start with the puck near the heel

    • When you set the puck up on the blade of your stick it should be near the heel of your stick. The location varies depending on the shot, but no further than the middle of the blade. The puck will roll off of the blade of your stick, so starting with the puck close to the heel allows it to stay on the blade of your stick longer, and add more power to the shot.

  • Flex the stick

    • A lot of the power actually comes from the shaft of your stick. When you lean into the shot, your are storing energy in the shaft of your stick (potential energy) When the shot is released, so is the energy, and a lot of that energy will be transferred into the shot, making your shot a lot more powerful.

  • Weight Transfer

    • This goes hand in hand with flexing the stick. The more you lean into your shot, the more you are transferring weight, and the more power you will get from your shot. If you watch NHL players you will notice a lot of them lift their back leg when they shoot, this is because they are moving all of their weight into the direction of the shot.

  • Use Your Legs

    • Your legs have the most powerful muscles in your body, if you do not use your legs when you shoot, you are missing out on a lot of energy that you could be putting into your shot! It may sound strange (a lot of players think that your wrist shot is all arms) but try it out, use your legs to push into the shot, you may be surprised. Also don't forget to rotate your shoulder and hips when you are shooting, this helps you put even more power into your shot.

  • Follow Through

    • This is something most people learn as a youngster but I thought it was worth repeating. Don't stop pushing, push right through and continue into your follow through. In order to get full power from your wrist shot, you have to continue increasing the speed of your stick, this keeps the puck on the blade of your stick longer. Remember to point your stick where you want the puck to go.

One more tip for aiming

  • I thought I would tack this on for extra measure. Many players look down, fire and hit the goalie right in the chest. I see it too many times...solution? Look where you are shooting, you will be surprised how often the puck will go where you are looking and you will score more goals!

A Look Back at last year.....

Kerrobert Midgets
    Win Provincial A

Midget A Final
Provincial A Champions

Pee Wees Win League 2011

Pee Wee league Champs


The five basic principles of Fair Play:


Fair Play is introduced to promote SAFETY and RESPECT, and a positive environment in minor hockey for participants involved. The four main participant groups are; the players, the coaches, the officials, and the parents (spectators). How these four groups interact at any game determines how positive, or how negative the event becomes.

There are an increasing number of concerns becoming more evident in minor hockey today. These concerns go against the principles of Fair Play, what minor hockey represents, and the objectives of recreational minor hockey organizations.

Some concerns in minor hockey are; the lack of respect for opponents, verbal abuse of officials, inappropriate spectator behavior in the stands, violence on the ice, the win-at-all-costs attitude, the increased pressure on young players to win, and the lack of FUN for many.


Remember to cheer for the whole team,
we all wear the same jersey!
Congatulating the other team doesn't make
a bad parent!
  It is JUST a game!
Brad Murphy - Head Coach, Western Prairie
Thunder Midgets
ps. Gotta love the opening joke!


How to Host a Great Game
A refresher on how to host a good game. It should be an enjoyable experience for the visiting town and the spectators.

Schedule your games through the Rec Director (834-2344) for rink and booth.
Contact Darryl Fruhstuk for officials.
Workers on the gate should start before the visiting team arrives (about 1.5 hours prior to ice time!)  Printed programs make the game much better for all.
50/50 collection should commence right away - Gate and 50/50 helps pay for referees and ice time and keeps fees low.
For games Pee Wee and up, it is advisable to have adult workers for the penalty boxes.  For all levels, avoid having children in the clock/penalty box area for insurance and safety reasons.  Remember that off-ice officials (scorekeepers, timekeepers, etc) are to remain neutral - no cheering!

Be sure visiting teams know where their dressing room is and have a key ready for them.
Manager or game timekeeper to set up game sheet and deliver to teams to fill out.
Game time keeper usually announces the game. Find out prior to the game how to pronounce the names of the visiting team.
Make sure clock and PA system are working and ready before the game.
Music is an amazing addition to the game during warm ups and play stoppages.
Announcing is done during game play.
For playoff games, especially provincial games, announce the players, have them line up on the blue lines to 'Oh Canada". Either have someone sing it or have it on a CD.

Provincial games: Your provincial coordinator will tell you who schedules refs/lines and whether goal judges might be required.

Thanks and good luck to you all for a Great Game! 

 If you would like to visit the 2006,07,08,09 site please click on Archive link at left



Well, another hockey season is here
And I am writing to you for just one reason
Please don't scream, curse or yell
Remember I am not in the NHL

I am only 8 years old
I can't be bought, traded or sold
I'm not looking for hockey fame
I just want to have fun and play the game

Please don't make me feel as if I committed a sin
Because sometimes my team didn't win
I don't want to be that great you see
I'd rather play and just be me

And so, in closing, here is one tip
Remember, the name of the game is . . . sportsmanship

Author Unknown


The purpose of Minor Hockey is not about winning at all cost:  Minor Hockey associations are adopting a philosophy of Fair Play and Safety for all.





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