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 2016 -2017 

 Friday Dec 2
8:30 - Mohawks @ Tigers
Meet the players social and 3rd annual live player auction Calcutta after the game in the lobby. Bid on your favorite player to win the shootout on Saturday.

Sat Dec 3

2:30 - Unity @ Initiation
5:00 - NB @ Novice B
 - Outlaws @ Tigers
Player shootout after the game and wing night in the lobby following...
All Tiger players will shoot on both goalies. Scoring players move on until a winner is determined. Buyers of the top 3 shooters and goalie with the top save percentage will be paid out after the shoot out. Then enjoy refreshments and wings in the lobby following.  

This is one of the Tiger's main fundraisers. Thanks for your support

Sun Dec 4
11:30 - Goodsoil @ Pee Wee
2:30 - Regina @ Rage
5:00 - Unity @ Atom B
7:30 - Royals @ Mighty Ducks
Check game and public skating times here: 
Farewell to outgoing 2016 Midget veterans for a long illustrious career in Minor Hockey!
Multiple League and Provincial championships over the years! Nice work!
 2016 Vets
Left to Right
Cole Kissick, Robbie Kohlman, Zack Ross, Tylo Anderson,
Tyler Neumeier, Ryder Kissick, Jaden Zunti, Derek Schraefel,
Wyatt Knorr, Mathew Duhaime, Dylan Turk 


How are you affecting your kids? 

Bruce Brown - The Role of Parents in Athletics


Why do some coaches and fans think it is OK to verbally abuse referees and how can we stop it?


 Policy Manual, Registration,
Coaching App & Respect in Sport




What is Fair Play?

There are four main participant groups involved in minor hockey games: the players, the coaches, the officials, and the parents/spectators. How these four groups interact determines how positive, or how negative an event becomes. A Fair Play program in any hockey association promotes SAFETY and RESPECT and a positive environment for all participants.

Fair Play Principles

  • Respect the Rules
  • Respect the Opponents
  • Respect the Officials and Their Decisions
  • Have Everyone Participate
  • Maintain Your Self-Control at all Times

There is no level of hockey below the house level. If kids aren't allowed to play at this level they have to drop out. The objective for all of Minor Hockey is skill development for all participants, not winning at any cost or to groom kids for elite hockey! All Minor Hockey Associations must constantly ask themselves "are all participants being treated fairly?"

 The Kerrobert Memorial Arena was featured on TSN for
Remembrance Day because of it's WW2 history

TSN Kerrobert Arena Tribute:


Concussion : Return To Play Policy

 Be Concussion Smart - Phone Apps!


Why I Quit Hockey: A letter to his parents


A perspective from a hockey dad, a referee and his 3 sons...
For the Sake of the Game!



Well, another hockey season is here
And I am writing to you for just one reason
Please don't scream, curse or yell
Remember I am not in the NHL

I am only 8 years old
I can't be bought, traded or sold
I'm not looking for hockey fame
I just want to have fun and play the game

Please don't make me feel as if I committed a sin
Because sometimes my team didn't win
I don't want to be that great you see
I'd rather play and just be me

And so, in closing, here is one tip
Remember, the name of the game is . . . sportsmanship

Author Unknown


The purpose of Minor Hockey is not about winning at all cost:  Minor Hockey associations are adopting a philosophy of Fair Play and Safety for all.





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